Getting to Know Sarah's Floral Design

the early days 

Flowers mean so much to me. 

I was fortunate enough to grow up on a large piece of land in Connecticut with the most fantastic garden you have ever seen. My mom and dad spent years curating a beautiful haven; rows and rows of gorgeous organic blooms and fresh eats. I spent my earliest days playing in the garden with my brothers and our dog Scoutie while my parents worked away. I remember the back of the minivan filled to the brim with flowers and splashing buckets as we drove deliveries to local florists. I remember my favorite shops; each one so different and charming in it's own way (shout out to Sandy wherever you are). I remember the sweet aromas. I remember rewarding ourselves with a chocolate milkshake after a hard day's work. At the time I had no idea what they were instilling in me. 

As I grew older my duties shifted from hiding in sunflower forts as the sun went down to working along side my mom when she began her landscaping business. I went from running through the flowers with delight to yanking weeds and spreading mulch in the sweltering heat. We worked early mornings and even longer days planting, pruning, deadheading, watering, and fertilizing. I realize how this sounds sounds (like misery) but believe me when I tell you that there is something truly special that happens when you put in your blood, sweat and tears (yes, tears!!) into something that comes from the earth. Something that grows and matures into a unique and dazzling being. It gave me a deep and inexplicable appreciation for nature, for design, and of course for flowers. 

When I moved to Boston to attend Boston University I thought it was time for me to put my summer job behind me. I wanted something better for myself. I planned to simply ignore my art background in pursuit of a more "stable" career, whatever that means. Well, as it turns out I was very unhappy for a few years (this is when our cat Moo came into my life, thank goodness). I decided at that point to get a part time job doing the only thing I knew how to: flowers. I started work at a small flower shop in town and shortly afterwards everything began to make sense. I was unknowingly denying a huge part of who I am. Working with flowers in this new setting opened my eyes to a life I had never imagined for myself and there was no turning back.

Our business model

During those early I began going to the flower market on my own more often so I could work with different flowers, colors and textures to make unique designs. It gave me so much satisfaction that I had to have more. My favorite type of work has always been event design and I had developed a burning desire to do more of them. This is when a lightbulb finally turned on: what better way than to do it on your own? I'd been designing flowers for about 7 years before I decided to start my own business. When I met Matt he quickly became my partner in life and in business (he has patience like no other!) and the rest is history.

Our clients are an inspiration to us. We love to work closely with them, listening and learning, in order to craft a design that is just right. We take pride in our small but honest business and we will always do our best to make gorgeous custom designs working with your budget. 

Thank you for visiting Sarah's Floral Design and sharing in our passion. We would love to hear from you!! Please subscribe, follow, or drop us a note just to say hello. We are always available to answer any questions or to simply talk about flowers!  

~sarah and matt

On our way to Sweet Cheeks BBQ!

On our way to Sweet Cheeks BBQ!

Our helpful (?) assistant, Moo.

Our helpful (?) assistant, Moo.